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In addition to sales, High Octane Pictures (HOP) also offers full service Domestic Distribution for Theatrical, Retail and Video On Demand (VOD) in the USA and Canada. Our relationships with platforms and retailers such as Redbox, Walmart, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Dish, Cable, etc. has given us the ability to ensure that your film reaches its audience and sees the best return on investment possible. 


  • Amazon

    • Amazon DVD​

    • Amazon Instant Video

    • Amazon Prime

  • Best Buy

  • BigStar

  • Brighthouse

  • Charter

  • DirecTV

  • Dish

  • Family Video

  • Fandango

  • Fandor

  • Flix Fling

  • Google Play

  • HBO

  • Hoopla

  • Hulu

  • InDemand

    • Comcast

    • Time Warner

    • Cox

  • iTunes

  • Kanopy

  • Kings of Horror

  • Lifetime

  • Mediacom

  • Netflix

  • OVGuide

  • Popcorn Flix

  • Redbox

  • Rentrak

  • Screambox

  • Showtime

  • Sony Playstation

  • Starz

  • Steam

  • Tubi

  • Target

  • Verizon FIOS

  • VHX

  • Vubiquity

  • Vudu

  • Walmart

  • XBox

  • XFinity

  • Youtube

How It Works



We start first by compiling and building your film's personalized distribution plan outlining all the details of how your release will work.

This is the first step to building your film's pathway to a successful release!


We then identify your film's marketing and positioning needs within the marketplace:


How should it be released and when?


What is the release strategy? 


This process is crucial to ensure the film reaches its target demographics in an efficient and effective manner. 



We then build a comprehensive Press and Advertising (P&A) campaign that works together with you as a team so you & your partners know how the film will be announced to the world!


We will discuss everything from what press outlets we will approach along with how your ads will be structured and designed in addition to merging with any pre-existing P&A materials and ideas you and your team had as well so that the film is supported from all sides!

MARKETING & Scheduling

Now that we have your film's Release Strategy ready to go it's time to get to work! We immediately begin creating your new Key Art and Trailer along with confirming your film's release date(s) and P&A scheduled. 


Your film's release will take place over the course of several months. This is what we call your "roll-out". It's an exciting time since your film will be gradually releasing in different stores and on different platforms during this time.  


As this happens you will be working in tandem with us to manage the press of the film to ensure all questions and interviews are handled so your film is given the necessary support to help it succeed! 

Return on investment


Now that your film is released it's time to focus on your R.O.I.!


On a Calendar Quarterly basis HOP will begin sending you financial reports outlining your film's performance in the marketplace and what monies are owed to you!

Just like that you've released your film to the public!!!

Questions? Contact Us!