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About The Company

High Octane Pictures (HOP) is a full service film Distribution & Sales Agency that cultivates relationships with distributors, financiers, talent agencies, and various strategic entertainment partnerships in order to sell and distribute a slate of commercially viable motion pictures.

Our primary function is bridging the gap between the producer and platform, retailers and/or distributors. As such, HOP provides full service to our filmmakers by offering distribution for their films or helping them secure distribution domestically and internationally while also, in certain cases, financing for projects in development and providing finishing funds.

The mission of High Octane Pictures is to build a partnership with the filmmaker by establishing a foundation of trust and commitment. The HOP team draws upon our vast deal-making experience with a genuine dedication to innovative sales and marketing techniques. HOP has brokered deals in over 80 countries across the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to introduce new product to the marketplace.


Galen Christy founded High Octane Pictures with the goal of achieving one thing... an honest, transparent distribution / sales agency with the focus of putting the filmmaker first not just as a client, but as a long-term partner. As a former Development Executive, Galen often saw how consistently filmmakers were taken advantage of. This had to change and fast thus why High Octane Pictures was born.


Galen started his career working at various companies such as Paramount Studios, CBS eventually landing at the world's leading talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA). At CAA Galen worked for the President and head of the agency, Richard Lovett. After 5 years of working for Hollywood's largest Agent Galen decided to segue back into what he loved most... making movies. This led Galen to become the VP of Development for film director, Marcus Nispel (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE / FRIDAY THE 13TH). 

Over his career, Galen has worked on many films with budgets ranging from $500K to as high as $90 Million. Some titles include the recent remake of CONAN THE BARBARIAN starring Jason Momoa and the Blumhouse film, EXETER starring Stephen Lang.

The Founder:

What Our Clients Say...

Ryan Bellgardt, Director of

Gremlin &

Jurassic Games

"Galen and his team are amazing. They are one of the most honest and aggressive distributors / agencies I've ever worked with. They fight for you to make sure your film is treated as well as you would treat it. THEY GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!"

Ryan Colucci,

Director of

The Beast &

Orient City

"I’ve worked with Galen and the team at High Octane on a few projects now and could not be any happier. He and his team are very hard-working and their his honesty is a breath of fresh air. What they have been able to accomplish for me has been remarkable. I could not imagine using anyone else."

Charlie Steeds, Director of Labyrinthia & Cannibal Farm

"My experience with HOP has truly been a dream come true. I've worked with them for years now and can't imagine a world without them. Galen has been an incredible resource and support for me, my films and my career. With HOP I feel safe knowing I can trust them with everything I create and that they will always deliver on what they say. They've done everything I've ever asked for and more!"

Tom Getty,

Director of

America Has Fallen

"High Octane Pictures is a blessing to indie filmmakers. If they're talking to you, you've done something really, really right."

Markets We Attend

High Octane Pictures actively attends all markets but we are in no way a "market dependent" agency that only sells when a market takes place. 

In order for your film to be successful we make sure that your campaign is kept active throughout the entire sales process to ensure your film never becomes "stagnant".

AFM, EFM, MIP and Cannes are our primary markets, but we also attend Filmmart in Hong Kong along with MIPCOM in France and Sundance.